How it Started

The founders Chau and Tri Nguyen immigrated to the United States when they were five and seven years old, respectively. Through hard work and tenacity, they graduated from top universities such as UCI and UC Berkeley. From those humble beginnings, they’ve helped hundreds of students improve their grades and SAT scores.

What We Do

We exist to enhance the quality of human life through education. At the Dojo Academy, your child can:

Excel academically

Learning the foundations of math and English will help your child score higher in school and get a head start.

Write intelligently

Writing is essential for everything from composing college admission papers to landing a respectable and stable job.

Read voraciously

Your child will develop a larger vocabulary, greater reading comprehension and a hunger for knowledge.

Love to learn

With the right guidance, your child will see that learning can be engaging, productive and fun.

Prepare for college

The smartest students prepare for college at an early age. Your child will learn what it takes to be admitted to a great university.

Succeed in life

A great education leads to greater success. We promise nothing less.

People Behind

With all the resources available today, there’s no reason why our students can’t succeed in school and accomplish more than we do.

Chau Nguyen

Chau Nguyen


Chau Nguyen graduated from Oxford Academy and UCI. His talks on education have been featured in Garden Grove Journal, Little Saigon Radio, Pho Bolsa TV, and many more.

Tri Nguyen

Tri Nguyen


Tri Nguyen graduated from UC Berkeley with a computer science degree. He founded eight companies by the age of 30 and is one of the most popular guest speakers on Little Saigon Radio.

Measurable Results

Our research relies on hard data and has proven that the Dojo method is one the most effective and innovative teaching methods of our generation.


We surveyed sixty seven students and parents about their experience at the Dojo. Our findings reveal just how effective the Dojo method is at improving a student’s academic performance in math, English and the SAT.

Engaging students in learning
Communicating with students
Using questioning and discussion techniques